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Strong-Bac® Coil Handling

Application evaluation form for Strong--Bac® Coil Handling products.

For a price quote on your specific application, please complete this form and click submit below to begin the application evaluation process. 

Size Specifications
Please provide details on the minimum coil size.

Please provide details on the maximum coil size.
Coil Information

(ex. tightly wound, banded, telescoped, oily, hot, etc.)
(ex. on a flat surface, pallet, turnstile arm, etc.)

Additional Information
Check all that apply.

(A, B, C, D, E, F)
Please use the space provided below for additional application information or lifter options required (ex: headroom limitations, clearances where load is picked up and placed, etc.).

Crane Hook Data

Measurement Tolerances

+0 = Measurement should be no larger but can be smaller than actual.

-0 = Measurement should be no smaller but can be larger than actual

+/- = Measurement can be larger or smaller than actual.


Crane Hook Data
Refer to the illustration on the left when entering in your crane hook specifications.








Contact Information
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