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Lifters that are designed to withstand the high stress environment of the metals manufacturing industry.
Lifters designed to withstand the high-cycle environment in the service center industry.
The wind market generates more then just energy. Our lifters are used for everything from manufacturing to maintenance.
Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance requires specific tools for handling sensitive equipment and components.
Manufacturing to maintenance, our lifters work for a wide range of marine applications such as hulls, drives, motors and more.
The rail industry demands quality equipment specifically designed to work with rail components.
General manufacturing uses for below the hook lifters are virtually endless. Browse our most commonly used lifters.
Products designed to handle all the shapes and sizes of material you will encounter when handling loads in the paper industry.
Logistics in the automotive industry is key. Moving your material safely and efficiently keeps your logistics on course.
Lifters for all aspects of manufacturing and maintenance to help keep our armed forces operating at peak efficiency.
Keeping our infrastructure in working order takes special skills and knowledge, and special lifting equipment.
Highway & street construction and repair is a dangerous job. Caldwell products are a safe solution for lifting equipment.
Construction of basic industrial buildings & warehouses is anything but simple. These lifters help with improve efficiency.
Increase efficiency and improve safety with our specialized steel handling equipment.
The many components of basic drainage systems require multiple types of lifters for safe and proper handling.
Many different types of material are handled in warehouse environments, and we have the attachments help make it easier.
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