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Service Centers

Lifters designed to withstand the high-cycle environment in the service center industry.
Model 60BMS-5-96 battery powered sheet lifter.
C-hook style lifters.
Model 60 - 3 to 15 ton capacities.
Model LLO-15 eliminates the operator from accidently opening the lifter and dropping a load.
Custom Mill Duty Lifting Beams.
Magnetic lifter for sheets / plates of steel.
Model 85 - 15 to 33 ton capacities.
Model 85R - 15 to 33 ton capacities.
Model 60M - 20 ton capacity.
Crank and Toggle Sheet Lifter.
Motorized Rotating Crane Hook Blocks. Sheave suspended, hook-on type with crane hook or clevis.
Rack and Pinion style lifter.
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