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Pivoting Precision Boom

Quickly turns your fork lift into a portable crane.



  • Portable, compact and versatile lifting.
  • Fits standard fork lift truck.
  • Hook travels approximately 20'.
  • Adjusts both horizontally and vertically.
  • Restraining chain with grab hooks.
  • Completely self contained 12Volt DC power supply.
  • 100 AMP Hour Battery with charger.
  • Easy to use toggle button control with standard 12' cord.
  • Hoist hook speed averages 7.5 FPM.

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Model EFB Catalog

Product Specifications

Model EFB-25-PLB Specification Drawing Fork Pocket Configuration Drawing

Model EFB Specifications

Model Number A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) HR (in.) O (in.) Max Cap (lbs.) 12' Boom Hook Max Cap (lbs.) 13' Boom Hook Max Cap (lbs.) 14' Boom Hook Max Cap (lbs.) 15' Lifting Hook Weight (lbs.)
EFB-25-PLB 2.50 7.50 41.75 26.00 1.00 2500 2300 2100 2000 865

NOTE: All dimensions on drawings shown in inches unless stated.

Starting with a fully charged battery, the Precision lifting Boom lifts and lowers a 1,000-pound load from an eight-foot steel pit forty times.The battery charges in four to five hours with the supplied charger.

WARNING: Capacity of truck and attachment combination may be less than capacity shown on attachment.
Consult truck nameplate.


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