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Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Rotator

Model FDL - Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Rotator:  The Caldwell Lifter/Rotator unit is designed for use with a lift truck in areas where an overhead hoist is not available.  The drum is secured to the carrier above the level of the forks thus it may be used at the full height of the truck.  With the chain wheel, the lift truck driver may rotate the drum from the cab of the truck (10’ long drop chain).  This unit will handle all standard 55 gallon metal drums.

Model FDL Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Rotator

Product Specifications

Model FDL Specification Drawing

Model FDL Lifter/Rotator Specifications

Model Number Rated Capacity (lbs.) Full Rated capacity (lbs.) Half Weight (lbs.)
FDL-20-55 2000 1000 310

NOTE: The standard model FDL is for lifting drums containing free flowing liquids.
Contact factory for drums containing other contents.

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