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Parallelogram Sheet Lifter

The motorized Parallelogram Leg Drive Sheet Lifter is ideal where space between sheet stacks in storage is limited. This style lifter is designed so that the weight of the stacks of sheets or plates keeps the lifter closed.  Optional motorized rotation allows the crane operator to spot the stack with precise positioning. Lifters are custom designed per application.

Model 266-25-96


  • Narrow aisle space design.
  • All pivot points equipped with hardened steel bushings and pins equipped for lubrication.
  • Heavy duty worm gear reducer.
  • Drive protect includes slip clutch.
  • Electrical controls include stall relay.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • AC power.



  • Powered rotation with or without stops.
  • Heavy duty function indicator lights.
  • Integral weighing system.
  • Maximum open/minimum closed limit switches.
  • Carrying angles with dunnage cutouts.
  • Chain or cable reel mounted end hooks for extra wide or thin gauge material.
  • DC power.
  • High temperature environment capability.

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