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Telescopic Sheet Lifter

This rack and pinion style lifter allows for handling of a wide range of sheets and plates with minimum manpower.  Lifters are custom designed per application.

Model 260-30-Application


  • Low headroom design.
  • Replaceable wear plates.
  • Heavy duty worm gear reducers.
  • Drive protection includes slip clutch.
  • Machined slide arms.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • AC power.



  • Powered rotation with or without stops.
  • Heavy duty function indicator lights.
  • Integral weighing system.
  • Maximum open/minimum closed limit switches.
  • Carrying angles with dunnage cutouts (pictured above).
  • Detachable, auxiliary carrying angles for handling longer loads.
  • Chain or cable reel mounted end hooks for thin gauge or extra wide material.
  • DC power.
  • Electrical reversing motor controls.
  • High temperature environment capability.

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