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Posi-Gantri Catalog

The Posi-Gantri™ is a versatile tool used to turn loads in areas where using an overhead crane is not feasible.  The Posi-Gantri™ can span a workbench or area where loads need to be turned during fabrication, assembly, or maintenance.  The optional chain hoist can be used to place the load into the rotation slings, or a fork lift can perform this function when bringing the load to the area.  Posi-Gantri™ heights can be fixed or adjustable and equipped with or without casters.  Rotation slings can be polyester or wire mesh.  Specials can be designed to fit your specific requirements.

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  • Complete material handling system.
  • Heavy duty non-slip drum surface.
  • Heavy duty worm gear reducer with chain and sprocket final drive.
  • Electric brake motor.
  • Bolted assembly to head beam.
  • Push button pendant control.
  • Posi-Gantri™ can be ordered either with fixed or adjustable heights.  Please refer to our Krane-King® section for additional gantry crane information.
  • Can also be added to existing gantry cranes, please contact factory for details.

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