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In-Stock Program

High Capacity Beam End Fittings

The same end fittings that build our high capacity spreader beams are available as end fittings only. This allows you to stock one or several sizes of end fittings; work with a local steel supplier to provide cut to length schedule 80 pipe drill accordingly; and add the required top rigging. Now you can respond to your customers needs with a quickly built, ASME compliant spreader beam.

HCSB End Fittings Only


  • Build your own spreader beam.
  • Fittings only are available in 2 business days.
  • Pivoting lower lugs allow for 75° to 90° lower rigging angle.
  • Complies with ASME standards when assembled to specifications using designated pipe and rigging.

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Product Specifications

Model HC-BEF Assembly Information

Model HC-BEF Specifications

Model numbers shown in green are part of our INSTOCK program.
Model Number Max. Capacity (tons)* Schedule 80 Pipe Size
BEF-5HC-25 25 5
BEF-5HC-50 50 5
BEF-8HC-50 50 8
BEF-8HC-80 80 8
BEF-12HC-80 80 12
BEF-12HC-110 110 12
BEF-12HC-130 130 12

Maximum End Fitting Capacity Per Pair.
* System capacity is determined by span, rigging, and hardware, consult factory for complete details.

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