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Ext. Cap. - Manual Release

Extended capacity lifting system for basket hitch lifting configurations that allows loads to be set - and then - quickly, efficiently, and safely release the rigging from a safe distance. 



  • For basket hitch only.
  • Designed for rugged outdoor use.
  • 20 and 30 ton capacity manual release units.
  • Easy to use - simply rig, lift, set and release.
  • Over sized bail for easy mounting on crane hook.
  • Counter balanced to hang level.
  • Rope Guide allows rigging to be released when hook is either above or beside the operator. If hook is located below the operator please see Upward Pull option in the special application section.
  • Designed for rugged outdoor use.
  • LOCK & CAPTURE feature engages with very little load weight (see Minimum Load in chart below).
  • Rated load capacity can be lifted from either Lift Arm or the lower Strip Sling Hook. Do not exceed rated capacity of hook.
  • Designed and manufactured to ASME standards.


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Model RR-EC Specification Drawing

Model RR-EC Specifications

Model Number Rated Cap. (tons) D (in.) F (in.) G (in.) J (in.) L (in.) Q (in.) A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) T (in.) Weight (lbs.)
RR-20-EC 20 2.25 2.12 6.30 30.81 38 26.5 2.5 5 9 1.5 425
RR-30-EC 30 3.0 2.75 6.3 34 50.75 31.25 3.5 7 16 2 675
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