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Lifter LockOut

Keep your employees safe with our patented* Lifter LockOut™. The innovative device senses when a load is in
the lifter and locks out the lifter functions to prevent inadvertent opening of the lifter. This can be installed on most
motorized lifters that do not have a means of locking out the drive. Caldwell Model 84 Coil Grab, Model 85P Paper
Roll Grab, and Model 60 Sheet lifters are just a few examples. It can even be installed on other manufacturers’
lifting equipment.

* Patent 8,870,253

Model LLO-15 Lifter LockOut


  • Senses when a load is on the lifter and locks out its functions
    by turning off the electrical power.
  • Eliminates the possibility of the operator accidentally opening
    the lifter and dropping the load.
  • Can be added to any motorized lifter.
  • Easy to install. Simply hang from your crane hook, pin to the
    lifter, plug in and adjust as needed.


  • Special Voltages.
  • Custom attachment point for lifter.
  • Custom attachment to crane hook.
  • Larger capacities.
  • Heavier lifter weights.

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