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Twin Hoist Rotating Beam

A specially designed lifting and rotating beam using two cranes or two hoists to horizontally rotate a load. A position locking pin holds the load rotation at a designated position. Available with motorized rotation.

Model 21M-55-77.5


  • Wide range of sizes and capacities available.
  • Maximum 20 feet (upper and lower) beam length.
  • Complies with ASME standards.



  • OPTION A - TWIN HOOKS: Used in conjunction with basket hitch slings.
  • OPTION B - J HOOKS: Generally required to lift paper rolls or similar application. (See our Roll Lifting Beams)
  • OPTION C - MOTORIZED ROTATION: Allows remote positioning of a load.
  • OPTION D - LOWER HEADROOM BAILS: Utilized when headroom must be held to a minimum. Crane hook data must be supplied.


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