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About Uniclamps™

What it does: Uniclamp™ quickly and efficiently eliminates the gap between the plate and the stiffener.

Uniclamp™ Welding Hold Down Clamp


  • The simple connection of a standard plant-supplied compressed air line and the flick of a switch allows the clamp’s built-in, high speed generator to create a powerful vacuum, permitting the vacuum pads to immediately attach themselves directly to the work surface. The clamp’s manual screw or hydraulic ram can then be operated to instantly secure the proper alignment of parts.
  • UNICLAMPS™ will meet your clamping requirements without the tedious, time consuming and sometimes dangerous paraphernalia associated with traditional methods of fabrication assembly techniques. NO MORE LUGS, DOGS, BRIDGES, WEDGES, CHAINS, JACKS, C-CLAMPS, TACK WELDS, OR REGRINDING REQUIRED!
  • UNICLAMPS™ are powered by compressed air amd leave no marks.
  • UNICLAMPS™ are not designed for lifting purposes.

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