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Lightweight Uniclamp™

WHD-1 and WHD-2 models are constructed of a high-strength aluminum bringing lightweight portability to workpiece positioning and clamping.



  • The UNICLAMPS™ have proved to be invaluable in transportation industry applications. These easy to position clamps are ideally suited for sheet and light plate fabrication. Lightweight UNICLAMPS™ are usedto secure “skin” materials to ribbed structures at aircraft, aerospace, bus, trailer, and truck manufacturing facilities.
  • The WHD-1 and WHD-2 UNICLAMPS™ feature capacities up to 1,200 lbs with clamp weights not exceeding 16 lbs! Features include round or rectangular vacuum pads, varying headframe widths, and varying height under the ram to suit special requirements.
  • UNICLAMPS™ disassemble in seconds without tools.
  • UNICLAMPS™ are not designed for lifting purposes.

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Product Specifications

UNICLAMPS™ Specification Drawing

UNICLAMPS™ Specifications

Model numbers shown in red are part of our QUICKSHIP program.
Model Number Holding Force (lbs.) D (in.) Round Pads (in.) Rectangular Pads (in.) A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) Weight (lbs.)
WHD-1 750 8-3/4 x - 8-1/4 15-1/2 22-3/4 14
WHD-1 750 8-3/4 - x 12 15-1/2 19 14
WHD-2 1200 8-3/4 x - 5-7/8 15-1/2 25-1/8 16
WHD-2 1200 8-3/4 - x 12 15-1/2 19 16

NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate.

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