26-10-4 Load Leveler Lifting Beam

Like the Model 24, the Model 26 Load Leveler Lifting Beam gives you the ability to slide the bail to handle off-center loads. But with this design, you can place the bail literally anywhere ... no preset slots to lock into. So you have complete. control.

Product Features:

  • Handles off-center loads by adjusting the bail before a lift
  • Infinite adjustment of bail within range
  • Swivel hooks with hook latches standard
  • Wide range of sizes and capacities available
  • Complies with ASME standards

Product Options:

  • OPTION A — Extra Holes
    Allows for multiple hook positioning. Specify number and spread(s) required. Could increase headroom
  • OPTION B — Faspins
    For ease of positioning hooks with quick release. Specify number of faspins rquired
  • OPTION C — Extra Hooks
    Allows for multiple pick points. Specify number of hooks required
  • OPTION D — Motorized Adjustments
    See our Posi-Leveler®
Item Number: 34-26121


Model Number
10 tons
Bail Depth
2 in.
Bail Opening Width
4 in.
Bail Opening Height
7 in.
Bail Thickness
1.25 in.
25.75 in.
Hook Opening With Latch
1.75 in.
Max Spread
48 in.
257 lbs.
Bail Adjustment
8 in.