Rockford, Illinois-based The Caldwell Group Inc. helped Vita Inclinata Technologies Inc. celebrate deployment of its 100th product unit. Caldwell manufactures the spreader beam component of the propulsion (fan) driven suspended load system (Vita Load Navigator) for its Broomfield, Colorado partner. The remote-controlled product allows crane operation crews to precisely (to one degree) control and orient loads without relying extensively on guylines or being in the critical path of the load. The system dynamically adjusts to load sizes, crane movement, and wind conditions, allowing high-precision lifts even in the most challenging environments. The load navigator is available in five versions in 20t (7 ft. and 11 ft.) and 40t (7 ft, 11 ft., and 15 ft.) capacities. In each instance, the centerpiece is Caldwell’s Dura-Mod modular spreader beam, a versatile, lightweight alternative to fixed and multiple-point below-the-hook solutions. Delivery of the 100th system chimes with Caldwell’s ongoing 70th anniversary celebrations; the company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of below-the-hook lifting devices in North America. Founded in 1954 by inventor and tinkerer Leslie Caldwell, who designed, fabricated, and sold special lifting slings, it has expanded the product line and, today, is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of custom lifting solutions, worldwide. During the early days of Vita Inclinata, co-founder and chief technology officer, Derek Sikora, recognized Caldwell’s solution-oriented mindset, which convinced him that a synergy was possible. The efficient and safe lifting of loads with cranes has always been a challenge for the industry, which Vita and Caldwell are now jointly solving. “Several years ago, Derek reached out and gave us the background story about Vita and we were captivated. This is a cool product, there’s a need for it, and it’s fun to work on it. It’s been great to be a part of this journey. We started collaborating on conceptual designs and the rest is history,” said Darrin Noe, director of sales at Caldwell. Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at Caldwell, added: “The beams are perfect for integration into such an innovative solution. Each spreader system consists of a pair of end units and drop links, and two upper and lower shackles to make the shortest possible configuration. From there it is a simple case of combining intermediate spreader sections to achieve the required span.” The load navigator system offers direct user-controlled positioning using a wireless control pendant and features a position hold function, that keeps the load stable in a pre-set orientation, despite wind or slewing impacts on the load. Vita Inclinata reports up to a 20-50% increase in productivity, depending upon load parameters. During the development phase of the product, Preston FitzRandolph, aerospace engineer II at Vita, had the opportunity to go on an East Coast demo tour with Sikora, where he experienced firsthand how the operators were trying to use the system and its limitations. At that time, there were strict operating requirements that needed to be followed, and deviation would lead to lackluster performance. It became evident that the software control algorithm needed to be adaptable to a wide range of lifting team preferences, load sizes, rigging options, system configurations, and environmental conditions. FitzRandolph said: “I remember when Derek gave me the requirements for the agnostic controller. The main prerequisite was that the system needed to perform regardless of the load dimension, wind conditions, and rigging. However, we couldn't test it at the time because we didn't have a spider crane. So, we spent a lot of time at crane yards, trying out different iterations of the pendant until we got it right.” The collaboration between these two organizations has resulted in a highly efficient lifting technology that guarantees the safety and precision of lifting operations, and its success can be attributed to the complementing expertise and ingenious spirit of Caldwell and Vita. Caption: The Vita Load Navigator is a propulsion driven suspended load system.


    March 13 2024

    Rockford, Illinois-based The Caldwell Group Inc. is celebrating 70 years. The below-the-hook and material handling equipment manufacturer will mark the occasion with a series of events, culminating in a late-summer gala with customers, partners, suppliers, and staff. Founded by Leslie Caldwell in 1954, as a maker of lifting slings, the firm has expanded and moved several times over the decades, now occupying two large manufacturing and warehouse facilities. The company has been shaped by numerous acquisitions and collaborations, including the purchase of the J.C. Renfroe lifting clamp business and a strategic partnership with RUD to bring lifting points and other products to the U.S. and Canada. Today, Caldwell employs over 120 people. Doug Stitt, president and CEO, said: “Not only have we existed for 70 years, but we have evolved and developed what we provide to the marketplace. “We’ve contributed to how people lift and move things, and how they can do it more safely. We’ve been able to provide a great place to work and created a community, so it’s really a celebration of all our people, suppliers, and customers that have supported and contributed to success and longevity.” He added: “Business becomes tougher and tougher every year, it seems, so taking some time to appreciate our accomplishments is worthwhile. Nothing can be taken for granted in today’s marketplace. It’s important to celebrate significant milestones because it pays respect to all those who helped build the company and those that are currently working towards the next 70 years. “It’s crazy to think we started out with sewing machines making slings and now we are one of the leading fabricators of welded, steel lifting products.” Recent highlights include partnering with Majestic Steel USA to deliver coil grabs, sheet lifters, and hooks for a facility in Arkansas; expanding the series of RUD ACP-Turnado lifting points by adding Max and Supermax versions; and designing a 2,500-lb. capacity transport cradle, to facilitate final assembly of Intuitive Machines’ lunar lander, Nova-C. The wider portfolio includes an assortment of below-the-hook lifters, for handling beams, coils, and sheet; mill-duty lifters; Posi-Turner load rotation equipment; vacuum lifters; construction lifters; fork truck attachments; jib and gantry cranes; Rig-Release remote releasing hooks, Dura-Lite composite lifting products; Renfroe lifting clamps; and RUD lifting points. Stitt added: “Yes, the products we offer are different now, but we still focus on quality; we still focus on helping our customers solve problems, and we are still integral in keeping safe lifting at the forefront. We’ll continue to introduce new products and services for our customers, but I expect the next 70 years to focus on building quality products and providing our customers with the best overall experience possible—that’s what matters.”


    When you choose RENFROE by Caldwell, you get more than a top quality lifting clamp. You get more than 80 years of experience, expertise, and industry knowledge that make a difference. These built-in benefits make your job easier, your end users happier, and your bottom line stronger. Choose RENFROE for: LIFETIME WARRANTY: When you inspect and maintain RENFROE clamps in accordance with the provided Operator’s Manual, RENFROE will repair or replace a faulty clamp at no charge for the lifetime of the purchaser. MADE IN THE USA: Rockford, IL-based fabricators, welders, assemblers, and painters proudly deliver quality clamps that are inspected and load tested before they leave our facility. FREE FREIGHT: You get free freight on LTL/small package shipments to standard U.S. ground destinations. IN-STOCK AVAILABILITY: Almost 70 of the most popular sizes and styles of RENFROE clamps and Rebuild Kits are in stock every day, when you need them. No waiting on import inventory.


    March 04 2024

    There is no disputing that Renfroe clamps are built for the long haul. They are qualitity pieces of equipment that stand up to tough use in some pretty tough conditions at dockyards, steel processing facilities, busy manufacturing floors. In fact, they have a lifetime warrantly when they are properly used, inspected, and maintained. Follow the steps below to get the most out of each clamp. Inspect clamps per ASME B30.20 standards. A visual Every Lift Inspection is required each time the clamp is used. A more in-depth Frequent Inspection can be required daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the clamp’s service class. And, recorded Periodic Inspections can be required quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, depending on service class. See a video of how to perform an inspection here. Establish a good maintenance protocol. Ensure all employees know how inspections work. Provide them with adequate time and training to perform those inspections. Clearly identify requirements and get your safety team involved with ongoing monitoring of the program to make sure it continues as designed. Know when to repair, rebuild or replace. Know your options when you find a lifting clamp that’s showing wear. Learn more here: Renfroe Clamps 101: Repair, Rebuild or Replace? Use RENFROE Rebuild Kits to replace wear parts. Factory-built replacement parts offer you the best outcome when a replacement of a wear part is needed. See all Rebuild Kits on the Caldwell website. Refurbish and recertify clamps at the RENFROE Service Center. To begin the quote process or learn more about the program, call our customer service department. We’ll explain how things work and get you started. If requested, we can also provide a certificate of proof test. Call us at 800.628.4263.


    March 01 2024

    The Caldwell Group Inc. has delivered a custom system for rotating a track section during manufacture of the world’s most powerful telescope. Caldwell is one of several Rockford, Illinois businesses, including milling specialist, Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc., that is delivering various scopes of work to The Giant Magellan Telescope, an international consortium of leading research institutions. The 30-meter-class telescope, which will offer 10 times the viewing power of the famous Hubble Space Telescope, is under construction at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the best locations on Earth to explore the heavens. Initially, Caldwell has manufactured a lifter / rotator based on a 242,500-lbs. (110-tonne) capacity Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam and two 20-tonne capacity RUD ACP-Turnado swivel hoist rings. Below the beam, rotation and landing assemblies on each side of the load facilitate positioning and securement of Ingersoll’s track section. Two 85-ton capacity top shackles and two 55-ton capacity bottom shackles, also supplied by Caldwell, and lifting slings, are among other key components. Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at Caldwell, said: “The track section lift / laydown system is a Dura Mod spreader beam assembly designed for maximum versatility when lifting and laying down the load. Careful installation of the rotation and landing assemblies, as well as proper selection of the upper and lower rigging assemblies, will ensure a safe lift each time it is used.” Ingersoll Machine Tools said: “The spreader will be positioned above, and then connected to, the rotation assemblies, fastened onto the track section. The system will be raised by a hoist and adjusted by crane controls to keep the landing assemblies on blocking as the section is upended; the blocking can be adjusted as the section is lifted just clear of it in preparation for laydown. Existing holes on the load will be utilized to fasten both the rotation and landing assemblies using M24 nuts and bolts.” Jay Strong, technical sales representative at Caldwell, said: “We continue to be sought for our engineering expertise; while the Dura-Mod, hoist rings, shackles, etc., are standard components, to piece it all together using FEA [finite element analysis] is where the customization comes in. The system will initially be used to complete four lifts to flip and precision-machine both sides of the rotating track sections, but we anticipate that the wider Giant Magellan project will generate demand for additional engineering and material handling expertise from our own consortium of Rockford engineers.” Two more Rockford businesses were also involved. Circle Boring & Machine Company was subcontracted for machining the swivel and landing assemblies after heavy structural welding at Caldwell. Powder coating was then provided by Safeway Products Inc. before final assembly with high torque specs on the hoist rings. Quality control inspections preceded packaging for shipping and loading onto an Ingersoll truck. Caldwell’s engineering team was also responsible for the product manual. When complete in the early 2030s, The Giant Magellan Telescope will be the largest Gregorian optical-infrared telescope in history. It will use seven of the world’s largest mirrors to see farther into deep space than ever before. Its unique design will produce the highest possible resolution of the universe over the widest field of view. It will also be the largest public-private funded science project in history. The track section lift / laydown system is a Dura Mod spreader beam assembly. Below the beam, rotation and landing assemblies on each side of the load facilitate positioning and securement of the track section. Note the SuperMax RUD ACP Center Hoist Ring. Contact for editorial inquiries: Lisa Sympson, lsympson@caldwellinc.com


    February 20 2024

    The IM-1 mission Nova-C class lunar lander is on schedule for a moon landing today (Feb. 22, 2024) — helped by a 2,500-lb capacity transport cradle, manufactured by The Caldwell Group Inc. Representatives of Rockford, Illinois-based Caldwell were present when Intuitive Machines flight controllers successfully fired the first liquid methane and liquid oxygen engine into space, from the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida, in the early hours of Thursday, Feb. 15. The engine firing included a full thrust mainstage engine burn and throttle down-profile necessary to land on the moon. The mission remains on schedule for a lunar landing opportunity this afternoon. Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C spacecraft will become the first U.S. vehicle to land softly on the lunar surface since 1972. Powered by a VR900 engine and replete with innovative avionics for advanced guidance and navigation control, Nova-C can carry 130kg of cargo and ferry numerous commercial and NASA payloads to the lunar surface. The cradle, which has been utilized at various stages of the long-term project, features a standard Caldwell lifting beam with swivel hooks, enabling a dual crane connection for moving the lander. This 96 in.-long beam is connected to the stand-by slings at a slight 86-degree angle from the beam. The frame was delivered by Caldwell distributor Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company Inc., a full-service rigging shop with manufacturing locations in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas. Kennedy, which provides an abundance of lifting gear to aerospace and other markets, took the lead on providing high-performance fiber rope slings to Intuitive, which were used to lift the handling system in combination with various lifting technologies, depending on the location. Hot, bright glow “This is one of the most exciting projects Patrick Eytalis [Application Specialist at Caldwell] and I have worked on,” said Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at Caldwell, who was present at the launch. Also at the Kennedy Space Center was Lisa Sympson, marketing manager, who added: “To say the launch was spectacular is an understatement. The hot, bright glow lit up the night sky. Everybody in the stands were screaming and cheering as they saw the glorious payoff of all of their hard work.” Mongan repeated: “To be involved in such an iconic space program has been an engineering challenge and career highlight. Intuitive Machines gave us the ability to work with all stakeholders to bring the stand and transporter system to fruition. It’s a testament to everyone’s commitment to the end goal over countless hours of consultations and multiple design phases.” The cradle’s short base was utilized when the lander was in an upright position – on wheels – and combined with the long base for movement and shipment in a horizontal position. An overhead lifting technology was used for upending procedures, while the cradle was also used during transportation. Morgan explained that one of the most innovative parts of the system was the multiple configurations. The mission is a significant milestone in lunar exploration, set to revolutionize the understanding of the moon, and showcase the progress of commercial space exploration. Contact for editorial inquiries: Lisa Sympson, lsympson@caldwellinc.com

  • February 01 2024

    Caldwell is celebrating the start to 2024 by introducing the newest members of its Inside Sales and Technical Applications teams, strengthening its connections with distributors, manufacturer reps, end users and more. Thanks to this announcement, customers can expect the best experience for a quicker quote turnaround for custom and standard items, faster response times to questions pre and post sales, as well as having someone on the ground, taking the time to generate a deeper working knowledge of a client’s business. The new team members include; Customer Service Rep (CSR) Alyssa Moreno, Regional Account Manager, North Atlantic, who is already helping to manage and grow relationships with new and existing accounts; Christopher Garby, Sales Engineer, who will support Caldwell Custom Design Applications team; Hugo Gutierrez, Technical Sales Rep (Below-the-Hook); and Matt Brennan, Technical Sales Estimator, focusing on specialized custom lifting devices. Prior to joining Caldwell in September, Moreno honed her customer service skills in a fast-paced retail management position, where she was responsible for staffing, sales, and store leadership. “The equipment Caldwell sells really matters. It helps to keep big projects like bridge building and road construction moving, yes. But, more importantly, it keeps the people who do the work safe and gives them the ability to go home to their loved ones at the end of each day. That is a responsibility we all take seriously,” she said. Jeff Ferchen, Director of Business Development, Caldwell, said Moreno’s passion for her customers is already apparent, and she’s getting ready to take over her own territory soon. “Alyssa’s management experience and professionalism is a win for customers … and for us,” he added. Garby hit the ground running in a newly created Sales Engineer role in August. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University and since graduating worked as a mechanical engineer with United Technology Aerospace Systems/Hamilton Sundstrand and, most recently, as a program engineer/electromechanical design engineer with Ingenium Aerospace Corporation. He is working alongside Senior Sales Engineer Dan Mongan. “Caldwell presents new and different challenges for me. I’m impressed by the variety of lifting devices made here … from a transporter for a lunar lander, to a drone lifting device for military aircraft, to a device that rotates dinosaur fossils so archaeologists can work on them. You just never know what might be next,” he said. Gutierrez’s new role as Technical Sales Rep for the Below-the-Hook line will draw on his past experience at a contractor firm and his BS in Construction Project Management from Illinois State University, helping him drive projects forward while keeping them on schedule and on budget. “I have been involved in every step of the supply chain and that knowledge helps me to understand what distributors and end users value and need. I’m the connection between Caldwell’s engineering and customer service team to make sure customers get the right products for their applications,” he added. Finally, Brennan has been promoted within the company stepping into the new role in August. Prior to that, he worked in Caldwell’s Machine Shop. He has a Certificate of MasterCam from Blackhawk Technology Center and previously set up, operated, and programmed equipment at Cummins and Allied Locke. “I will be using my knowledge of the steel process and time standards to help estimate projects running through the manufacturing floor, helping customers get fast and accurate quotes,” he said. Brennan will also review scope and create estimates for non-standard products to determine more efficient ways to streamline the quoting process. For more information about what Caldwell can do for you, visit https://www.caldwellinc.com

  • January 17 2024

    Rockford, Illinois-based The Caldwell Group Inc. has added remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hooks from RUD to its in-stock program. The hooks, available in 10t and 25t capacity, are supplied through Caldwell’s dealer network, primarily for use in underwater applications in the Gulf Coast region. Caldwell and the RUD Group unite their sales and marketing activities in North America, and now stock more ROV hooks here than ever before. Access to ROV hooks is important to major subsea, and oil and gas, contractors for utilization in multi-million-dollar projects to handle valuable loads in hazardous environments, often many miles offshore and up to water depths of 10,000 ft. The safe lifting and lowering of loads on deck and underwater—coupled with ambient conditions, unpredictable currents, and difficult lighting—presents enormous challenges. The sector is nearly always time pressured, and precision is fundamental to safety. The hooks can be used by major contractors, like Oceaneering International Inc., to install long baseline transponder frames, rigid M-shape jumpers, and associated subsea distribution hardware, for example. Users must eliminate the risk of dropped objects, especially when passing through the water interface, and provide a user-friendly subsea solution. Twin trigger mechanism The RUD ROV hooks can be operated by all commonly used ROV manipulators, including the grabber. The hook eliminates the risk of snagging and accidental rigging; the outer pro?le is smooth with no protruding hook nose. The outwardly opening safety latch, which can be operated by a single manipulator, automatically closes when the ROV releases the triggers, and it is securely locked in closed position. Overall hook design minimizes the time the ROV takes to carry out the attachment / detachment operation. Jay Schroeder, western sales manager at Caldwell, said: “Just like every other market segment, when someone needs it, they need it now. Many times, you can’t anticipate when you have a failure or an emergent need, and it is important to keep the job running. Overall, it is important we have these hooks in stock. The equipment our ROV hooks are lifting is often worth well over a million [dollars].” A standout feature of RUD ROV hooks is the twin trigger mechanism; it opens only by pressing both triggers simultaneously. It only requires one hand to operate whereas most alternatives need two hands to open and close. The yellow oblong master link serves as the target for operators. Radio-frequency identification (RFID), meanwhile, enhances inspection and tracking. Schroeder added: “RUD is a high-quality, Germany-manufactured product, so it takes a certain type of company to be able to deliver it here in North America, keeping lead times short and stock levels high, close to the point of use.”

  • September 27 2023

    The Caldwell Group Inc. has welcomed two new manufacturing representative firms to the team, HARDU and Mocker & Associates. HARDU and owner Jim Harkins are well-known in the lifting industry, as Harkins worked as a product advisor for I&I Slingmax for 24 years and prior to that, spent a decade as a service manager at Northeastern Crane & Hoist. He is based in Milford, Massachusetts, United States and has spent more than 35 years in the industry. “Caldwell has been providing lifting solutions for me for my whole career so I couldn’t be happier joining the team as a manufacturer’s representative. It feels great knowing that I am working with the best, the brightest and the nicest people,” he said. “I love this industry and love helping distributors and their customers find the best lifting solutions.” Mocker & Associates, founded in 1974, is based in Chesterfield, Missouri, and is a manufacturer’s representative for Caldwell and a variety of other manufacturing companies covering Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas. ‘Putting our customers first is our main priority. This is why we only align with vendors who do the same. We value our relationships and have some of the longest-lasting partnerships in the industry’, is its company mantra. Ryan Bryzeal, sales engineer, Mocker & Associates, said: “We take on a hands-on approach walking customers through the process—from specifying the correct product, to assisting with installation and training, to continual customer service and support.” Based in Rockford, Illinois, Caldwell provides a full offering of below-the-hook lifting equipment for users across the globe including lifting beams, sheet lifters, coil grabs, beam grabs, Renfroe lifting clamps, and RUD lifting points. Specialty equipment for mill duty use, vacuum lifters, load rotators, fork truck attachments and more are also available. Jim Harkins, HARDU LLC, serves Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Ryan Bryzeal of Mocker & Associates serves Illinois (south of I-80), Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Dan Coffey of Mocker & Associates serves Illinois (south of I-80), Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Andrew Skelton of Mocker & Associates serves Illinois (south of I-80), Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.


    September 19 2023

    “In-stock inventory matters in our industry,” says Caldwell President/CEO Doug Stitt. “And Caldwell is responding to serve distributors better.” Caldwell recently increased its in-stock inventory levels on more than 400 of the company’s best-selling items and has given the go-ahead for the company’s manufacturer representatives and inhouse sales teams to begin sharing details of the program with distributors. “Our in-stock program makes us more efficient, smarter, and better prepared to serve customers than ever before because it forces us to focus on what matters -- supporting distributors,” Stitt continued. Stitt and his team have been working for more than a year to get manufacturing processes, product management protocols, sales reporting, distributor feedback loops, and warehouse space planning in top working order to support increased levels of on-the-shelf inventory, resulting in faster order turnaround, higher order fill rates, and stronger relationships with the BTH distributor network. The result is a list of more than 400 items that are in stock, that can ship within one business day, and ship for free … no additional shipping charges are added to the invoice. “Our customer service team hears how important in-stock availability is on a daily basis. We know we win orders because we have more equipment on the shelf and are ready to ship. The fact that these items ship via standard ground for free is the icing on the cake,” adds Jeff Ferchen, Director of Business Development, Caldwell. Why focus on increasing inventory levels when much of the manufacturing and construction segments are still worried about the possibility of a recession? Caldwell thinks the answer is obvious. The government's infrastructure bill, signed into law in 2021, authorized funds for things like federal-aid highways and highway safety programs. “That means more bridges being built, more water and sewer pipes being laid, and more highways being improved,” Stitt said. At the same time, he said Caldwell is seeing an increased demand from onshore drilling, aerospace, and energy-related industries. “Certain industries are still enjoying significant growth due to pent up post-COVID demand, I think.” To make the changes possible, Stitt and his crew took a look at their entire operation. They made production processes more efficient with a dedication to LEAN. They reviewed historical sales trends and seasonality data. They streamlined picking and shipping efforts. “We know distributors don’t want to carry extra inventory, which adds cost to their business. So they need to count on us to replenish quickly when they need to. We’ve set ourselves up to do just that.” The bolstered inventory levels include BTH lifters such as lifting beams, coil grabs, sheet lifters; construction lifters such as barrier grabs, pipe lifters; forklift attachments such as fork booms, extensions, drum lifters, plus Renfroe plate clamps and RUD lifting points. The most popular Caldwell items on the bolstered in-stock list include select sizes of the Model 16 Economy Lifting Beam, Model 20 Low-Headroom Lifting Beam, Model 32 Adjustable Spreader Beam, Model 80H Dixon Coil Hook, and Model BEF Spreader Beam End Fittings, Model 416 Dura-Lite Composite Lifting Beam, Rig Release Remote Releasing Hooks as well as pipe picks/carriers, barrier grabs, beam clamps. Renfroe Models FR, SCPA, TLA, LPA and RUD ACP Turnado, VLBG, VWBG, ABA and others also made the cut.


    July 11 2023

    Howrd lifting beam or a spreader beam? In the June 2023 issue of Hoist Magazine, Caldwell Senior Sales Engineer Dan Mongan explains the difference between lifting beams and spreader beams and helps you learn how to select the right one for your application, considering headroom, capacity, and load stability. https://www.hoistmagazine.com/blog/beam-up Lifting Beam - Caldwell Model 20 Spreader Beam - Caldwell Model 30


    June 07 2023

    Caldwell recently delivered nine coil grabs, two sheet lifters, and five C-hooks to Majestic Steel, via distributor Simmers Crane Design & Services. The coil grabs are each 60,000-lbs. capacity and include a ‘lock-out’ limit switch to prevent opening while the load is suspended. They also feature an anti-clamp touch plate that protects the coils as the lifter is closing, preventing damage when the legs close. The two sheet lifers are 20,000-lbs. capacity; and the C-hooks, 60,000 lbs. The fleet of material handling equipment will operate below-the-hook of 14 32.5-ton capacity double girder electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes, manufactured by OMi Crane Systems Inc., installed by Simmers Crane. Also included in the order was parking stands to facilitate storage of the coil grabs when not in use. All overhead lifting technology is operated by remote control. The facility will be fully operational later this year. The C-hooks are each 60,000-lbs. capacity. Devon Poling, assistant branch manager / sales engineer at Simmers Crane, said: “The telescoping feature on the coil grab is ideal when handling coils in the horizontal position. The telescoping legs give the units the ability to handle a wide range of coil diameters and widths. They will be moved and used on multiple cranes throughout the facility.” Poling added that, because of the intensive work involved and time to manufacture, projects as ambitious as this always present challenges. But all parties—Simmers Crane, Caldwell, OMi—were able to meet these demands, with all elements shipping on time. Providing the best supply chain solutions Majestic Steel has nine locations, including its newest facility in Hickman, Arkansas. In addition to Caldwell’s coil grabs and lifters, the site will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment. Its footprint spans from coast-to-coast, servicing all regions across the U.S. The latest expansion will support growth in the southern part of the U.S. market. Larry Seafler, facility supervisor at Majestic Steel, said: “We’re excited for the completion of our Arkansas facility, which will position us to provide the best supply chain solution to our current and prospective customers in a growing part of the country for construction and manufacturing.” Majestic Steel stocks and processes prime flat rolled steel sourced from domestic and qualified import mills. With plant locations across North America, it services a diverse customer base in construction, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), agriculture, transportation, and other markets. It provides partners readily available inventory, just-in-time delivery, best-in-market product, localized service, and national reach. The company specializes in cold rolled, galvanized, aluminized, galvalume, galvannealed, bonderized, and pre-paint steels, with a variety of processing capabilities and buying options to meet customers’ steel supply chain needs. Seafler explained that the Hickman service center will have an extensive range of capabilities. The facility will be able to customize anything from 7 gauge to 30 gauge material, slitting to a quarter inch, handle coils from 100 to 60,000 lbs., and process flat sheets anywhere from 36” W x 8’-12’ to 72” W x 8’-10’-12’ and more. Simmers Crane Design & Services is a Flatiron Crane Operating Company. The custom telescopic coil grabs will be utilized below-the-hook of 14 32.5-ton capacity double girder overhead cranes. The coil grabs are each 60,000-lbs. capacity and include a ‘lock-out’ limit switch. A total of 14 32.5-ton capacity double girder electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes were manufactured by OMi Crane Systems Inc.