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Caldwell Featured in Lift & Hoist International April 2021 Issue

Caldwell Featured in Lift & Hoist International April 2021 Issue

Caldwell was recently featured in Lift & Hoist International's April 2021, showcasing a recently developed modular spreader beam.

In an effort to add to a large range of below-the-hook lifting devices, Caldwell is proud to introduce the Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam. The new product will come in a variety of sizes that allow the user to configure a spreader beam suitable for different projects and applications depending on the desired capacity and spread.

As a result of increasing demand for a more versatile, lighter weight system and shorter lead times, Caldwell is pleased to provide an “off-the-shelf” certified solution in the form of the Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam. This beam offers a very customizable system and is currently available in sizes up to 170 Ton, with higher capacities being developed. The modular design and the drop link system (which eliminates the need for lifting lugs or pad eyes) on the Dura-Mod provide a multitude of benefits for this new product line.

To keep the system incredibly versatile, the Dura-Mod range of spreaders can also be used with corner fittings to achieve box beam/spreader frames in both square and rectangular configurations. The system uses the regular spreader sections from the Dura-Mod range allowing the user to maximize the use of their existing components without having to purchase a new system or fabricate large fixed frames. Box beams/spreader frames can be used for four-point lifts where there may be headroom restrictions. Similar to regular modular spreaders, these frames are easily stored and transported, and can be broken down and reassembled for multiple lifting applications.

Click the link below for more info on the Dura-Mod line of products.

Dura-Mod Brochure

Click here to view the feature in LHI Magazine.

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