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How to Perform a Clamp Inspection Per ASME B30.20

How to Perform a Clamp Inspection Per ASME B30.20

Do you know how to perform a clamp inspection, per ASME B30.20 standards? Does your clamp inspection and maintenance program adequately address the standard's inspection requirements, documentation rules, and repair options? We get a lot of questions about what a proper clamp inspection looks like and want to make sure you know the basics, too.

Renfroe clamp expert Dale Kelly recently collaborated with Mazzella's The Lifting and Rigging Channel to explain the different kinds of inspections, how often they should occur, and what steps are involved with each. In this video, Dale walks users through Initial Inspections, Every Lift Inspections, Frequent Inspections, and Periodic Inspections and shows viewers what should be on their inspection checklists.

See the video on YouTube hereOr get a full tutorial on Mazzella's Online Learning Center here.

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