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Lifting Beams

Dura-Lite™ Lifting Beams are lightweight and non-conductive. All lifting beams have custom-designed equipment, standard capacities ranging from ¼ to 3 tons, and are built to be strong and impact resistant. Caldwell supplies Dura-Lite™ Composite Lifting Beams that have been chemically tested, temperature tested, cycle tested, and proof tested with a certificate issued.

Spreader Beams

Dura-Lite™ Spreader Beams are non-corrosive and can be used for a wide range of applications. All spreader beams are compliant with the European Community standards CE, in addition to being ASME B30.20, design category B, service class 4 compliant. Dura-Lite™ Lifting and Spreader Beams incorporate the same composite technology being used in today's aerospace, automotive and construction industries. Our products are constructed using the latest composite and bonding technology, leading to high strength to weight ratio.

quality & engineering

The Caldwell Group has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 1954. It is our goal to manufacture high quality, long-lasting lifting products that will safely increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Benefits your Company will Receive with a Caldwell Lifter:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased safety of an engineered product
  • Low costs maintenance
  • Reliability and durability for long-lasting service

All Caldwell Lifters Have:

  • Identification nameplate
  • Rated capacities
  • Product Safety Labels

Caldwell Upholds to Industry Standards

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has developed standards that apply specifically to the devices Caldwell® designs. ASME B30.20 provides detailed information on the classifications, marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below the hook lifting devices. ASME BTH-1 provides detailed information on the design criteria of below the hook lifting devices. ASME B30.9 provides detailed information on the fabrication, markings, usage, inspection, and maintenance of lifting slings. These standards serve as a guide to government authorities, manufacturers, purchasers and users of lifting devices.

Caldwell® Service

We offer solutions that will increase the productivity and effectiveness of your lifter while ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of your equipment. Our services include training, maintenance, and inspection. Caldwell’s Standard Quality Assurance program follows specific design criteria as required by ASME.


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