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POSI-TURNER® Load Rotation Equipment adheres to the highest quality standards. The Caldwell Group has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 1954 with the goal to manufacture high quality, long-lasting lifting products that will safely increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Standard Posi-Turner®

If you’re looking to make your material handling processes more ergonomically efficient and safe while resulting in less product damage, you’re in the right place. Posi-Turner® is used by companies around the world to lift, suspend, rotate, and position hard-to-handle objects. The Posi-Turner® is a patented material handling system for objects in light to heavy-duty applications.

Optional Auto-Leveler

This innovative, patent-pending solution is an easy way to keep your load level during rotation. The Optional Auto-Leveler™ can be added to new Posi-Turner® Leveler Bail units and Posi-Leveler™ models at the time of the order, or be field mounted to existing units. The Optional Auto-Leveler™ automatically activates leveling adjustment on the lifter, offering efficient leveling during load rotation and reducing sling walk.

Independent Drive

This Independent Drive system with chain slings consists of two powered drive units suspended from two cranes/hoists, with pocketed sheave driving special coil link chain slings that rotate heavy or bulky items for assembly, welding positioning, and inspection. Drive units can either be operated independently or together via remote control.

Chassis Master™

Dixon coil hooks with pivoting wedges are popular for use with small, lightweight coils. Caldwell offers the STRONG-BAC® line of coil lifters and upenders. Products include heavy duty C-Hooks, which are designed for heavy-duty applications, slit coil C-Hooks, which handle multiple slit coils which maximize handling efficiency, close stacking C-Hooks, which can handle a wide range of coil widths, and ergonomic vertical “Eye” coil lifters, which efficiently handles vertically stacked coils.


The Posi-Gantri™ is a versatile tool used to turn loads in areas where using an overhead crane is not feasible. The Posi-Gantri™ can span a workbench or area where loads need to be turned during fabrication, assembly, or maintenance. Posi-Gantri™ heights can be fixed or adjustable and equipped with or without casters. Rotation slings can be polyester or wire mesh. Custom applications can be designed to fit your specific requirements.

Sling Styles & Options

The Posi-Turner® can utilize several types and configurations of slings to suit every application. Certain parameters should be considered in the sling type selection, such as:

  • Heat
  • Sharp edges
  • Welding applications
  • Environment

In most cases, a disconnect link is used so that one end of the sling can be inserted under a load. The Posi-Turner® is also designed to be configured to a specific environment and application. If you don't see your desired application, please contact our application specialist to discuss your needs.

quality & engineering

Safety & Ergonomics:

  • The Posi-Turner® provides safer working conditions by positioning workpieces at a distance
  • Eliminates tipping or dropping workpieces, as well as the shock load to the crane associated with using two cranes to roll over a heavy object
  • Allows you to stop or start rotations at any point
  • Makes it easier to position a workpiece
  • Provides ergonomic benefits to employees performing production and assembly work
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards, including ASME B30.20, ASME BTH-1, AWS D1.1 and ANSI/NFPA 70


  • Lifts, levels, and rotates objects without re-rigging
  • Improves production process efficiency by keeping an assembly line moving
  • Makes rotation, positioning, and precision work easier
  • Requires only one operator for system rotation
  • Saves production and labor time

Caldwell Upholds to Industry Standards

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has developed standards that apply specifically to the devices Caldwell® designs. ASME B30.20 provides detailed information on the classifications, marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below the hook lifting devices. ASME BTH-1 provides detailed information on the design criteria of below the hook lifting devices. ASME B30.9 provides detailed information on the fabrication, markings, usage, inspection, and maintenance of lifting slings. These standards serve as a guide to government authorities, manufacturers, purchasers and users of lifting devices.

Caldwell® Service

We offer solutions that will increase the productivity and effectiveness of your lifter while ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of your equipment. Our services include training, maintenance, and inspection. Caldwell’s Standard Quality Assurance program follows specific design criteria as required by ASME.


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