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caldwell products overview

It is our goal to continually enhance and expand all of our product lines to provide our customers with a complete line of lifting products from one source. We do this through a continuous and aggressive research and new product development program. Over the years, we have increased our product offering by developing new solutions to both complex and common material handling applications. From our three adjacent manufacturing facilities in Rockford, IL, we produce 9 unique product lines. Our experienced and dedicated staff can assist you in providing your customers with a complete material handling solution. Caldwell’s engineered lifting equipment offers the broadest range of products in the industry to give you flexibility to address your particular application requirements with the economy of a standard product, and at the same time our engineers offer innovative solutions to applications that require custom design.


Synthetic and wire rope slings, and specialty items for lifting and load securement.

Alloy Chain Slings | Bridle Slings | Cargo Slings | Cargo Tie Downs | Cargo Tie Downs Options | Drum Handling Slings | Roundslings | Sling Accessories | Special Applications Web Slings | Standard Web Slings | Wheel Nets | Wire Mesh Slings | Wire Rope Slings

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Lightweight lifters constructed with composite materials.

Lifting Beams | Spreader Beams

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Floor and column mounted jib and gantry cranes (manual or powered).

Aluminum Gantry | Free Standing Jib Cranes | Gantry Cranes | Hoists | Tension Cantilevered Jib Cranes

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Fork and carriage mounted attachments, changing your forktruck into a mobile lifter.

Battery Lifting Beams | Booms | Drum Handling | Fork Beams | Rams Extension | Special Applications

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Mill Duty®

Heavy and severe duty lifters built to a more stringent design criteria, resulting in a longer life.

Coil Handling | Ingot Slab Handling | Lifting Beams | Motorized Rotating Crane Hooks | Sheet Plate Handling

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Load rotation lifters capable of rotating products while suspended or under load.

Chassis Master | Independent Drive | Optional Auto Leveler | Posi-Gantri | Standard Posi-Turner

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Lifters for infrastructure, construction, pipe handling & smaller assembly processes.

Beam Clamps | Drum Grabs Clamps Slings | Lifting & Barrier Grabs | Lifting Magnets | Links & Hooks | Load Leveling Slings | Pipe Grabs Tongs & Hooks | Pipe Lifters & Manhole Handling | Special Applications | Synthetic Sling End Fittings | Tongs | Wall Clamps

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Products that can be operated remotely, from a safe distance.


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Standard and heavy duty below-the-hook lifters that cover the majority of lifting requirements.

Coil Lifters & Upenders | Lifter-Lockout | Lifting Beams | Lifting Tongs | Material Handling | Pallet Lifters | Roll Lifters/Positioners | Rotating Crane Hooks | Sheet Lifters | Spreader Beams

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Hook suspended vacuum lifters for handling single-piece metals/other non-porous items.

Mechanical Vacuum Lifter | Narrow Applications | Nominal Surface Area Applications | Specialty Applications | Uniclamp | Vacuum Upenders | Wide Applications

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