60-Metric Ton Box Spreader Beam Systems

Modular DM60 Box Spreader Beam can be configured in spreads of 4' to 36' in square or rectagular configurations.

Product Features:

  • 60-Metric Ton System
  • Quickly configure a 4-point spreader beam to match your lift requirements
  • 4-point spreader beam provides added stability
  • Knock-down design is easily transported
  • Capacity ratings can be provided that meet ASME B30.20, BTH-1, DESIGN CATEGORY B, CLASS O or ASME B30.20, BTH-1, DESIGN CATEGORY A, CLASS 0
  • Combinations of 1 to 5 spreader sections can be used to create custom square and rectangular configurations
  • Custom-designed systems available


  • Bolts, Nuts and Washers can be reused as long as Anti-Seize Thread coating is used
  • Slings and shackles are not provided as part of this assembly. Synthetic textile, chain and wire rope slings may be used. Consult your sling supplier as part of your lifting plan

Due to unpredictable fluctuations in the supply chain, pricing is subject to change without notice. Call 800-628-4263 for updated information.