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Renfroe Clamps 101: Repair, Rebuild, or Replace?

Renfroe Clamps 101: Repair, Rebuild, or Replace?

Lifting clamp users know how important inspection and maintenance programs are. Normal use of any clamp results in wear on certain parts and incorrect use can result in additional problems. When your inspection uncovers signs of wear due to normal use or a larger problem, you have three options:

  • Repair the clamp yourself if you have a qualified, skilled person on staff to do so
  • Rebuild the clamp by sending it to the manufacturer or a service center
  • Replace the clamp

Repair the clamp yourself
When necessary, you can replace worn or damaged parts with the help of a Renfroe Repair Kit, which includes all parts generally replaced due to normal wear. In fact, Renfroe clamps are constructed to allow these kinds of repairs to be made by the user, but may that may not be true for all clamp brands. The Maintenance Section of the Operator's Manual provides instructions, allowing a qualified person to perform the work. Parts not subjected to daily operating wear are not included in the Rebuild Kit, but may also be available and purchased separately. Ask your Caldwell representative for more information on the repair kits or about the Renfroe clamp repair training program that can get your staff up to speed to do repairs themselves.

Refurbish the clamp at the manufacturer
If you don't have someone on staff that is qualified to do repairs or if the repairs are bigger than you want to tackle yourself, Caldwell can help. The customer service team will coordinate the process and fees. Then you send send your clamp in and we inspect it, communicating with you at every step to get your approvals to move forward. After the necessary repairs have been made, Caldwell returns the clamp to you in "like new" condition ... proof tested, painted, and as good as new.

Replace the clamp
While all Renfroe clamps carry a lifetime warranty for normal and proper use, some clamps end up beyond repair. Maybe they've been dropped, run over, or simply used incorrectly, rendering them unsafe for future lifts. In those instances, a new clamp is the only option. This is a great opportunity to talk with a Renfroe expert to make sure you're using the right clamp for the job. Our extensive selection means you're likely to find exactly what you need, in stock and ready to ship. Of course, if your needs are unique, the Renfroe design engineers can also build a clamp to suit your specific application.

Still not sure what the best direction is for you? No worries! Let one of the Caldwell/Renfroe specialists help at 800.628.4263.

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