RUD ACP-Turnado Now Available in Game-Changing Larger Sizes

Friday May 26 2023

Rockford, Illinois-based The Caldwell Group Inc. has expanded its series of RUD ACP-Turnado lifting points by introducing the new Max and Supermax ACP-Turnado models, designed to lift bigger loads with weight load limits (WLL) up to 30% greater than comparable lifting points.

"By offering these expanded sizes, RUD now has a solution to fit a much broader range and greater variety of applications, including extreme heavy-duty use. If you loved the ACP-Turnado for smaller loads, you can now get the same outstanding performance, quality, and reliability to serve an ever bigger range of projects," said Robert Allen, Caldwell's outside sales manager for the RUD product line in the U.S. and Canada.

A lifting point connects the lifting gear and the load during lifting, rotation, and overall movement/transport. Lifting points include ring lifting lugs, eyebolts, flanges, etc., to which a sling is attached. With the ACP-Turnado, ACP stands for automatic center point. What that means is that the ACP's lift shackle immediately turns in the load direction automatically when it is lifted, so it cannot remain in an incorrect position. Dangerous transverse loads and a sudden drop of the load are excluded, thanks to a unique spring mechanism.

Allen explained: “Since the ‘smart’ centric lifting point automatically turns into the correct load direction when the load is lifted, the lift bail cannot remain stationary, and a sudden drop of the load is not possible. The innovative spring mechanism is the actual heart of the ACP-Turnado. It provides its unique ‘intelligence’ and makes it a ‘smart’ lifting point.”

In addition, all ACP-Turnado lifting points have a universal bolt head with internal and external hexagon, which enables optimum handling. The bolt is captive, but still replaceable, which is useful in many applications.

There is also an adapted thread length for each dimension instead of a standard thread length across several sizes. Jürgen Grubmüller, marketing director at RUD, said: “This concept allows us to offer fully customized thread types, thread sizes as well as thread lengths even in smallest batch sizes. Even customized special threads or special lengths up to 300mm are possible; this means that each of the three designs…is optimally matched to a defined [WLL] range and individual requirements.”

With the line expansion, RUD now has ACP-Turnado lifting points available from M8 to M100 as well as ½” to 4?, each with all the well-known advantages of the concept.

More specifically, the new RUD ACP-Turnado Max brought to market M48, M52, M56 / UNC inch threads in size 2?. The RUD ACP-Turnado Supermax line includes the M64, M72, M80, M90 and M100 / UNC inch threads in sizes 2 ½”, 3?, 3 ½” and 4?.

All together that means the Turnado family is now available with metric threads in diameters M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36, M42, M48, M52, M56, M64, M72, M80, M90 and M100 as well as with UNC inch threads in sizes ½”, ?”, ¾”, 1?, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, 2?, 2 ½”, 3?, 3 ½” and 4?.

A practical feature of Max and Supermax versions is the deflector disc, which makes the user’s work easier. It is equipped with an angle marking and thus enables a quick, simple assessment of the current stop angle. The disc also displays important information for the user such as the WLL specification in “t” and “lbs”, the design factors 4:1 and 5:1, as well as the torque moment. Thanks to this, the ACP-Turnado fulfils the requirements of the American standard ASME B30.26. Furthermore, wear lenses are installed at the critical points of the power transmission, making it easy to assess whether the lifting point has already reached discard maturity.

RUD ACP-Turnado Max and Supermax will be in stock at Caldwell and ready for shipping within the U.S. by the end of July. "We are accepting reservations for the new sizes now," Allen added.

He continued, “RUD lifting points, like other products, have stood for top quality, ergonomics, and safety in lifting technology and load securing for more than 35 years. More than 700 tested boltable and weldable lifting point variants in load ranges up to 250 ton meet maximum requirements in all areas of application in combination with the unique variety of application of our ICE and VIP chain systems.”

To learn more about the ACP-Turnado, download the brochure here: ACP-TURNADO-catalogue_EN.pdf