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Caldwell Services

Take advantage of our first-class service to keep your equipment running as it was designed.

Part of running a successful business is being efficient with both time and money,

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and that also applies to your lifting equipment. Proper maintenance and timely service can keep your equipment running like new while reducing costs and increasing productivity and safety. The Caldwell Group and our network of authorized dealers provide many services that will keep your lifting equipment operating at peak performance!

For more than 55 years, Caldwell has designed and manufactured high-quality material handling equipment. Our goal is to help you protect your investment in the most cost-effective way. We offer solutions that will increase the productivity and effectiveness of your lifter, while ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of your equipment. 

Our Services

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians provide first-class service to keep your equipment running at peak performance. From training and maintenance consultations to inspections, modernizations and repairs, Caldwell is committed to helping you prolong the life of your lifting equipment. Caldwell has experience with a variety of different lifters. We offer in-house and on-site services. Our team uses the latest technologies and adheres to all American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards, keeping you and your equipment safe.

Training & Maintenance Consultations

Repair Work

A Caldwell Service Team member works with your operators, ensuring proper equipment use, and can create a customized maintenance plan around key wear points and trouble spots.

From compliance and repairs to preventative maintenance, Caldwell will design a customized program that keeps your lifter running at peak performance and your operators safe and productive.  Our team, with more than 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, will customize a preventative, ASME-compliant maintenance program for your lifter. 

Our custom maintenance programs minimize costly downtime, increase safety, and dramatically extend the life of your lifting equipment, protecting your investment.  Maintenance is extremely important because identifying small repair issues early prevents major damage and failure later in the life of your equipment.


The Caldwell Service Team employs the latest technologies, testing materials and ASME standards providing you with the most accurate, up-to-date inspection possible.

At our Rockford, IL, location, our in-house inspection team will perform a detailed inspection of your lifter. Detailed inspections and tests identify any wear, damage and compliance with applicable ASME standards.  Before any repairs are made to your equipment, the Caldwell Service Team provides a complete inspection report describing the extent of damages, repairs required, and a firm quote.

We can also send an experienced technician to perform on-site inspections of your equipment through operational tests and visual examination.  Minor repairs can often be performed on-site to help miminize downtime.

RepairsCaldwell Engineering

From general maintenance to complete rebuilds,we offer all types of repairs to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently. Our quick turnaroundand cutting-edge technologies keep all your lifting equipment up and running with minimal downtime.

Major repairs will be performed at The Caldwell Group, in Rockford, IL, after an intense inspection and review of equipment. Once you have reviewed the inspection report and authorized repairs, Caldwell’s team of experienced engineers and technicians start the repair process.

Once the major repairs are complete, the equipment is tested, repainted, and new capacity and warning labels are applied. Our commitment to quality and service holds true for our repairs, as each piece of equipment repaired by our team carries with it the same new product warranty that accompanies all of our products.


Do you have a manual lifter that is reducing your efficiency? Are you anticipating an increase in load requirements? Caldwell provides modification services to retrofit your old lifter so your equipment meets or exceeds your current or changing needs. The Caldwell Service Team can convert your manual lifter into a motorized lifter, improving your productivity while maintaining ASME compliance. We can also look at your current lifter to determine if it can be modified to fit the changing demands of your operation.

Our engineering team uses the latest design technologies to determine if your lifter can be upgraded or modified, helping you tackle bigger loads, severe duty cycles, extreme weather, correct recurring issues, improve performance, and more.

All modifications are done in compliance with themost current ASME standards. After modification,equipment is tested, repainted, labeled, and coveredby the same new product warranty that accompanies all of our products. 

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Ready to get your service started today?

Fill out our Services Request Form today and a team member will contact you to discuss the different options available to you. 

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