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NEW! Durable composite material bonded together to form ultra-strong lifters.
Structually able to handle the load through the beam spread allowing for lower headroom designs.
Designed to direct load to top rigging and hooks, requires a greater amount of headroom than a lifting beam.
Simplify roll handling with a lifter designed for your specific application.
Lift, manipulate, and reposition coils with vertical or horizontal eye position.
Mechanically operated lifters for handling bundles of sheets or plates.
Easily move pallets throughout a plant with one of our versatile crane forks.
Standard and custom designed lifting solutions for a wide range of applications.
Custom designed to fit your applications.
Customer material handling solutions such as transfer carts, baskets, and stands.
Model LLO-15 eliminates the operator from accidently opening the lifter and dropping a load.
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