Chassis Master Inverting System

The ideal system for inverting truck/bus chassis after suspension installation. Custom designed fixtures clamp to chassis "C-Rails" and contain center of gravity within the turning radius, creating a smooth transition. Independent drives allow fixtures to be positioned to the desired location on the chassis.

Product Features:

  • No outside power source is required
  • Color-coded vacuum indicator rods alert the operator of vacuum level
  • Auto cycling valve provides a hands-free attach and release function
  • Large lifting bail accommodates a wide range of hook sizes
  • The Caldwell Mechanical Vacuum Lifter has very few moving parts that will need attention from the maintenance dept.
  • Standard sizes shown
  • please contact factory for additional capacities and configurations

Due to unpredictable fluctuations in the supply chain, pricing is subject to change without notice. Call 800-628-4263 for updated information.