Twin Hoist Rotating Lifting Beam

A specially designed lifting and rotating beam using two cranes or two hoists to horizontally rotate a load. A position locking pin holds the load rotation at a desgnated position. Available with motorized rotation.

Product Features:

  • Customize with a wide range of sizes and capacities
  • Complies with ASME standards

Product Options:

  • OPTION A — Twin Hooks
    Used in conjunction with basket hitch slings
  • OPTION B — J Hooks
    Generally required to lift paper rolls or similar applications. (Use Paper Roll Lifters - Application Evaluation)
  • OPTION C — Motorized Rotation
    Allows remote positioning of a load
  • OPTION D — Lower Headroom Bails
    Utilized when headroom must be held to a minimum. Crane hook data must be supplied.


This product is customizable. To get exactly what you want, please call us at 800.628.4263.